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What We Provide

The Contact Hub provides teleservices for your conference, seminar, webinar, expo or trade show. We are an effective partner throughout the lifecycle of your event. We can secure event registrations, confirm event attendance and follow-up on event participation. We can also provide teleservices for the sponsorship and exhibitor acquisition process.

Busy professionals often leave online registration for an event to the last minute, but as an event planner, you need to have as many registrations confirmed as early as possible. We are here to help with experienced, qualified agents, ready to reach out to your audience to get them registered for your upcoming event.

Audience Acquisition / Event Registration

We can register your event participants directly in your online registration system. Our CRM system allows us to provide our agents with pre-populated data links to ensure the registration process is as efficient as possible for your audience, allowing our agents to communicate effectively and knowledgeably, especially for multi-event shows.

Scheduling event one-on-one B2B meeting appointments

Post event audience qualification

Our experienced events team can also provide additional services, such as meeting or appointment scheduling and post event audience qualification for your exhibitors.

Confirmation Calls

Once the first step of event registration is completed, as an event planner, your priority is now to ensure your registrations become attendees. Our team of skilled agents can follow-up with each of your registrants 3 to 5 days prior to the event to confirm they still plan to attend. They will ensure registrants have received all your correspondence, answering any questions they might have, prior to the event. At the end of this process we provide you with a full report advising on planned attendance versus unable to attend; we also take the opportunity to confirm a replacement attendee in the event a registrant is unable to attend.

Event cancellation, postponement or rescheduling teleservices

In a post-pandemic world we understand the value of communicating to hundreds of customers as quickly as possible to ensure they are well aware of event changes or cancellations, prior to traveling to an event. Our team makes quick work of this type of communication; we can scale a team from single to double digit resources in a matter of days to ensure your urgent communication is disseminated as quickly as possible, providing documentation that each contact has been advised.

We are the right choice for you

Consider Outsourced Event Registration

Accelerate your event registrations by choosing outsourced registration teleservices, along with your online registration platform. Use multiple channels to ensure as many early registrations as possible, we are here to make your event a priority.

Customizable CRM System

With our CRM system we can ensure all relevant data you provide is uploaded to our system, and available to our agents.

No event registration system? Don’t worry our CRM system captures all client details and preferences, which can be sent to you on a daily or weekly basis, or at the end of the campaign. We provide all relevant data you require in your preferred file format.

Our CRM system also allows us to send one click emails to your audience, in cases where self registration is required, our team members can send an email with one click, then stay on the phone as the contact completes his/her registration, to ensure the registration is completed as quickly as possible.

Customized calling guide and event script

For each event, we customize a detailed calling guide, which provides a full overview of the event, along with a preapproved script, to ensure the information provided during our calls is precisely on brand for each and every customer. This can be tweaked on the fly should the need arise.

Dedicated Event Number

Your event will have a dedicated phone number, allowing your audience to be greeted with your event name, when returning a call. You can also choose to forward an existing line to our team, for quicker response. Our Telephony also allows us to send and receive SMS (USA only)

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Simply add your name and email to hear samples of our agents talking to customers. You will also see a list of events we have successfully completed.

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