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With over 25 years of international and regional business experience, The Contact Hub is qualified and dedicated to giving you top-class service. We bring a unique perspective to business with some of the largest organizations in the world.

  • Inbound, Outbound Call Services 86% 86%
  • Application Development Services 78% 78%
  • Event support Services 57% 57%
  • Sales / Lead Generation 45% 45%

our Expertise

What we do best

We focus on empowering your business through innovative technology. At our core is nearshore application development, providing you with a team of skilled developers in Barbados to build and scale your applications. We seamlessly integrate these development teams with your existing operations, ensuring efficient project completion.

In addition, we offer inbound and outbound contact center services including, customer service, lead generation, sales, and technical support, all designed to deliver exceptional customer experiences for your brand. Our team of perfectly accent neutral English-speaking agents ensures clear and effective communication throughout every touchpoint.


25 years in everything from Marketing and Analytics to Branding & Social Media


Nearshore Application Development

Gain access to talented developers with the expertise you need, all at a competitive price point.

Staff & Recruitment

We recruit, train, onboard and house your technical support representatives.

Contact Center

Compete globally, with internationally vetted, quality business processes, resources and technology/systems

Events Registration

We are an effective partner throughout the lifecycle of your event.

Why Outsourcing works


You get top quality talent that’s less expensive than hiring in-house staff


Provides access to specialized marketing skills that may not be available in-house


Outsourcing helps free up in-house staff to focus on other priorities


Can help businesses keep up with changing marketing trends and strategies

Relaxed Man


What Our Clients Are Saying

United Kingdom

We have used The Contact Hub on many occasions. They assisted us with various different tele-services projects and provided us with skilled and professional agents who met or exceeded our very high standards. The Contact Hub’s management team is very flexible and responsive. This was demonstrated as they worked closely with us to achieve our goals, often on very short notice.

The Contact Hub’s staff and management bring many years of experience to the table and combine this with the latest marketing best practices that give clients a very high level of confidence that they will get the job done well and on time.


Asia Pacific

The Contact Hub’s staff is able to easily and efficiently process sales orders, resolve concerns and offer advice where needed. They accomplish this by using their flexible call center platform, which automatically distributes calls and allows for live monitoring, call recordings and more. 

We have complete faith in The Contact Hub’s ability to be the reliable, professional face of Natora as they interact with our customers.

General Manager


We have used The Contact Hub for our telemarketing campaigns since October 2019. We have found the Management and Staff performance to be of the highest quality, even during difficult periods of peak time with COVID.

The communication and professionalism of the team shone through with weekly Zoom meeting updates showing performance levels, strategy and analysis/trends which helped us to plan and increase sales/revenue for the business. 

Detailed reporting of performance, calls made, pick up rate and individual campaign performance were vital in improving our future social media campaigns and budgets. 

Operations Manager

Dublin, Ireland

Contact Hub has been a great partner for us to get set up in Barbados quickly and efficiently. Throughout they provided great communication, helped us navigate through the local hiring process providing a great range of talent and were there with us every step of the way. Looking forward to a strong and successful partnership together. 

Director of Client Services

Digital Marketing

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